Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unilag on fire1

Though, the cause of the fire and the extent of damages cannot be ascertained as at time of filing this report, it generated so much panic among students and the university staff around. It however took the prompt intervention of fire fighters to keep the fire from spreading to other blocks in the faculty.

While some suggested the fire could have started from a melted cable, others suggested that it could be a result of high voltage electricity supply from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), but efforts by P.M.NEWS to speak to some of the school staff was abortive. None of them was ready to speak on the issue.

A staff who managed to speak under condition of anonymity told our reporter that “It is just a minor thing. Everything is under control. No cause for alarm. Nobody is sure of what actually caused the fire, but the good news is that everything is under control.”

The students of the Mathematics department have however been urged to remain calm and not allow the situation affect their academic activities.

Asaba girls hold 2face Idibia hostage after show

imageAsaba girls, who thronged to watch a show by stand-up comedian, AY, live at the Grand Hotel, Asaba, the Delta State capital, on Saturday held music star, Tuface Idibia, hostage when they openly struggled over whom to embrace him.

It took furious work by security agents who were on hand to rescue him from the riotous girls.

TN observed that the much awaited AY live show in Asaba left thousands of its residents rolling over with laughter, including the state governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, with the ladies adding their own twist to the general fun.

An eyewitness said that amidst standing ovation, Tuface had come on stage and he was accompanied with loud shouts from the Asaba female admirers who called him the ‘greatest’.

But it was when he tried to leave the stage that the whole hullabaloo started. The girls were said to have herded him into a tight corner with several of them rushing to embrace him, but security agents had to fight them off and shepherd the music star to safety.

Confirming the story, Tuface said the girls obviously admired him and his work, adding that all of them said they would marry him. He, however, gave God the glory for giving him the inspiration and love from his admirers....

Guess its a very hard hustle out there, call it survival of the fittest, they all want to marry 2face

Female condom saves Igbinedion female Undergrad

Tongues are wagging in Edo State especially Benin-City,over how a 300 level female student of the College of Social Sciences of the Igbinedion University,Okada,narrowly escaped death after a steamy sex session with her super rich Sugar daddy,who is an Alhaji.

The female student who hails from Asaba,the Delta State Capital was a regular bed mate of the super rich Alhaji,who constantly and regularly takes care of her needs and spoilt her silly with money and other material things.

It was learnt that on the fateful day,the Alhaji,who is said to shuttle between Abuja,Lagos and Benin called her up to book an hotel around her campus,pretending that he wanted her to be closer to school.

She did as the Alhaji instructed and subsequently packed her bag ready for the weekend for the arrival of the Alhaji.

At the hotel, the fun started as usual and everything was going on well.

It was learnt that usually,the Alhaji use condom any time he wants to sleep with her,but on this day,he insisted that they should be comfortable in each other’s company since they are no more strangers to each other.

She refused initially,but when she realized the Alhaji was getting angry,she remembered that she had a female condom in her bag,so she went to the toilet and inserted the female condom after which she agreed to have sex with him.Immediately after the show Alhaji’s phone beeped.

His mood changed and he got dressed and started hurrying to leave her saying that he got an urgent call to be in Abuja.

She went into the toilet to remove the condom and was shocked to find tiny black ants attempting to crawl out.

The territory sight made the lady scream aloud from the hotel room when she had lodged with the Alhaji thereby attracting the attention of the hotel workers and management,who subsequently killed the crawling black ants.

mo’ hits saga!

No mo’ hits! 10 reasons it’s Don Jazzy who will lose the most

I don't know how many of you have read this article written by for Chi Ibe for Ynaija. If you're a Don Jazzy fan, you won't like this. Read below...

Okay, first let me say I am firmly #TeamDonJazzy. Well, not really. I am #TeamMoHits. But if (perhaps, when?) D’banj and Don Jazzy do finally – officially – break up, I am unquestionably #TeamDonJazzy. So, understandably, now that he is being played as the underdog in the unfolding drama over a rumoured split, I find myself taking his side.

But that’s just emotions. When it comes down to the cold, hard numbers – who stands to lose the most if the two partners split? I say Don Jazzy, and I have my reasons below.

You're about to get seriously pissed off if you're #TeamDonJazzy...:-) Continue reading...

1. Dbanj has Kanye (at least as far as the eyes can see)
Going by the release of today’s Oliver Twist, we are at least certain that D’banj is still in cahoots with the almighty, Kanye West. Do you really think he can lose with the mystique and power of Kanye behind him – will Kanye allow his latest African experiment fail? I doubt it seriously.

2. D’banj is the performer
People always forget that the love that fans have for performers is strong even if the performers screw up – reference everyone from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. Check this out – 9ice allegedly cheated on his wife, betrayed the friend that discovered him and abandoned his producer, but do his fans love him less? Hell no. The day after the disastrous Sahara Reporters interview, did D’banj have a sold out concert in New York no matter what anyone, including YNaija said? Hell yeah! Morale? As long as he continues to give the public the ‘Koko’, it is fine – and D’banj has it.

3. Don Jazzy’s losing it
Don Jazzy’s biggest power is his mystique. Over the past three months it has steadily gone. There is that weird interview with Genevieve magazine, there’s the even weirder interview with Hip Hop World Magazine, where he appeared to diss rappers and then ran to his website to give a watery apology. Then there was his limpy Jonathan repudiation and his When-I-speak-they-read-it-in-Aso-Rock nonsense. Then there’s the fact that he is attending too many events, and worse off: that forgettable live performance with Tiwa Savage. Don Jazzy, backing up Tiwa?! Without D’banj by his side in any of these – the superstar power from which he feeds off – Don Jazzy has only been diminished.

4. Dbanj is also an astute businessman
The big mistake we’ve made is to stereotype D’banj. We’ve always assumed he is the entertainer and Don Jazzy is the entrepreneur, but is that truly the case? No. Insiders will tell you that just the same way Don Jazzy has multitasked as Producer-and-Businessman, D’banj has also multitasked as Performer-and-Businessman. It’s a mistake people also make with Chocolate City and EME where they think MI and Banky don’t know the business. Not true. Those guys get the business – and D’banj is no pushover.

5. Was Don Jazzy really the boss?
So yes, in the public eye, every time D’banj wanted to say something, he had to first have Don Jazzy whisper into his ears, so he just had to be Don Jazzy’s boy, right? Oh please. Do you really think Don Jazzy was telling him anything they hadn’t already discussed and rehearsed at home? It’s show-business! It’s an act! D’banj wasn’t Don Jazzy’s boy – they were business partners. Just because he held the microphone to his crotch every chance he gets doesn’t make him dumb.

6. Get off the stage!
I know I have mentioned this before – but still, why is Don Jazzy diluting his brand by performing? And why was he backing up Tiwa Savage? No one began to admire him because of his performance; we admired him exactly because he did not perform. He doesn’t dress well, doesn’t speak well, has a croaky voice and frankly isn’t easy on the eye. He needs to go back to the background fast. Seriously.

7. The ‘H’ word
So I always hear this funny story about how Don Jazzy is so humble. You know, because he used to give out credit on Twitter, he responds to fans on Twitter and whatever else. And so, people say, this humility will serve him well as opposed to D’banj’s insufferable arrogance. Dear Lord, save us from the dangers of image-making. In fact, for those who have actually worked with the man – or tried to book him for an interview – you know this is just too funny. I’ll just move on before I say more.

8. Don Jazzy has magic fingers, we all say
But does he really? We always assume his beat is so unique that it has transformed the careers of Dr. Sid, D’Prince, Wande Coal and K-Switch. Let’s analyse this urban legend. First, D’Prince and K-Switch still have no careers – that is unless you consider hanging around Don Jazzy or D’banj a career. Wande Coal’s power is his voice not his producer. Dr. Sid has just about one or two hit songs. So, perhaps we over-estimate Don Jazzy’s prowess. Did this famous prowess transform Ikechukwu’s career? Not that I can remember. Did it make of the songs he produced for Naeto C, heavy hits? Not that I know of. Did it make Darey’s music any more hits than those produced by others? Not in the least. So what are we saying?

9. Don Jazzy is boring
Seriously, how is he going to manage to interface with the public without D’banj? Have you heard Don Jazzy speak? Have you sat down for 30 minutes with the man? At least D’banj can quickly start talking of Kokolets and Babylets and Mamalets and any lets that can let him avoid answering intelligent questions. But Don Baba J? There’s fire on the mountain oh.

10. Do you really care for Mohits without D’banj?
Take your time and think about this. Would Mo’ Hits be a compelling label with Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, K-Switch and D’Prince alone (why am I even calling K-Switch’s name in this matter?)? You know the truth is no. The magic of that team has always been D’banj. No one wants to see any yeye ‘Mo’Hits All Stars’ without D’banj. When they perform, D’banj makes the difference. D’banj is the icing on the cake. D’banj is also the flour in the cake. In fact, D’banj is the cake.
So there you have it – and please do not tell me both will succeed. Who’re ya trying to fool? Every time there is a break up, someone wins and someone loses. 2face won and Faze lost, 2face won and Blackface lost, 2face won and Kennis lost, Olu Maintain won and what-his-name lost, Tony Tetuila won, and then Eedris won, and Eddie is still losing, 9ice won and ID lost (I love Toni Payne, so we’ll leave her out of this). I can go on and on. Someone will get the short-end of the stick in this case. And my money, sadly, is on Don Jazzy.
But I’d be glad to be proven wrong. Oh so glad.
In the meantime, biko, Don Jazzy and D’banj; if you are breaking up, just break up already – which one is all this drama?


Tiwatope Savage is arguably one of the hottest artistes making waves in Nigeria at the moment.

In less than one year,the song writer/singer has carved a nitche for herself in the Nigerian music market and her hit song,Kele Kele Love has become an anthem in many homes.

Her style of music and stage craft is unique and Tiwa has not disappointed her esteemed fans,both home and abroad.

The 2010 Grammy Awards nominee, in a recent interview opens up on the real reason she cannot date the debonair “Lagos Party” star, Banky W, let alone marry him.

She said; “I have known Banky W for so many years; he is also very good looking. But, I can’t compete with all these other girls because I can’t fight, he has a lot of female admirers, I don’t know if I would be able to handle that.” 

Asked about her romance with Dr.Sid;she said, I heard the news but I don’t do kele kele love.If I am romancing anybody,I would not do it secretly.

The rumour started when I featured in his video,Over the Moon and a lot of people are saying that the chemistry was really good.

I really admire Dr.Sid.He ‘s a good musician but we’re just friends.

Right now,I am in a relationship with music.I will say music is my boyfriend right now


It’s a hard fact to tell that most Nigerian Hip-Hop celebrities do engage in grass smoking.

Except for a free figure like Terry G, who cares less of public reactions about his status, and then Timaya, you could be lynched if you showed the guts to say someone like D’Banj, Don Jazzy P-Square and the likes also take the weeds as incentives.

But this is the same group of stars with whom the trendy Hip-Hop act, Wizkid, was spotted some few days ago puffing hard on the wild grass!

An insider revealed to us that, five days before Wizkid embarked on a recent musical tour outside Lagos State, he was at different times in the company of the music stars mentioned at their respective homes where he was allegedly camped, catching his fun with wine, women,and weeds!


Bankole Wellington aka Banky W is arguably one of the most popular artistes on the African music scene.

Knowingly or unknowingly to him,Banky, as he is fondly called by fans, has been labelled a senior bachelor. This is on account of his refusal to get married despite being romantically linked with several ladies within and outside entertainment industry.

In a recent interview,the ladies' man and EME leader opened up on marriage plans .

I am not in a relationship.I don’t know why my last relationship didn’t work.It is when a relationship works that you will get married.Until then,I am working on being a better man.So that when the right lady comes,I can give her all she wants.

I will get married when I find the right lady.

RIP: One of Nigerian Youngest Poet, Ify Omalicha is Dead.

The news filtered in last Sunday of the tragic death of poet Ifeyinwa Omalicha, who was involved in an accident along the Lokoja-Abuja highway.

This bundle of beauty was also a Poet and Performance artist. She performed at the maiden event of the Nigerian Prize for Literature endowed by NLNG.
Ify had three published collections of poetry; 'Amidst the Blowing Tempest', 'They Run Still' and 'Now that Dreams are Born'.

She was Resident Poet at the ABTI Academy, Yola, where she worked as a teacher and Literary consultant.
Rest In Peace Ify!

Policeman Goes Mad Over N20k Bribe, Shoots Driver, Kills Painter

According to P.M.NEWS,An unidentified police sergeant attached to Area ‘C’ Police Command, Iponri, Surulere, Lagos, allegedly went beserk and shot a truck driver on his left hand and a stray bullet he fired killed another person while he was making efforts to escape from the scene of the incident to avoid being lynched by an angry mob.

An eyewitness said that trouble started when the cop with about five others who were operating in a (danfo) commuter bus blocked the truck with a Lagos registration number RV538 EKY driven by Saheed Mufutau. The incident occurred at Jimoh Odutola Street, by PHCN office, Surulere, Lagos on Friday.
According to the source, the policeman, after checking the truck’s particulars and they were up to date, demanded for a N20,000 bribe which the driver pleaded he could not afford because he was in the area to off-load empty containers.
During the ensuing argument, the sergeant allegedly shot the driver in his left hand. Sensing danger, his colleagues in the danfo bus sped off and left the sergeant to his fate.
In his desperate bid to escape from the scene, the cop fired several shots into the air to scare the mob from lynching him. One of the bullets he fired hit Dotun Alawiye, a motor spray painter at a nearby workshop. He died instantly.
The erring sergeant still managed to escape with the help of a motorcyclist he forced to ferry him away from the area.
He was later arrested at Bode Thomas Police Division and handed over to the Area ‘C’ Police Command where he was serving.
Chairman of Artisans Association at Doyin bus stop, where the deceased painter had his workshop, Mr. Gbenga Shoneye, said they heard the gun shots at the bus stop but did not know one of them had been hit by a stray bullet.
“We are appealing to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to ensure that justice is done because the deceased had a wife and four children,” he said.
Wife of the deceased Mrs. Omolara Karounwi, 30, said she was shocked to hear that her husband was killed by a stray bullet because he was an easy-going person who never got involved in any trouble.
“We had been married for 15 years and blessed with four children. How am I going to cope with the upkeep and training of the children?” she wept.
She called on the authorities to ensure that justice is done on the murder of her husband, while also soliciting for the assistance of kind Nigerians on the upkeep of her four children.

Ghanaian Woman Beats Pastor To Death

Ama Aboagyewaa, a sachet water vendor at the Awisa lorry park in the Birim SouthDistrict, who allegedly assaulted an 18-year old self-styled pastor, who died days later, has been remanded in police custody.

Her accomplice, Patrick Boake, 22, a student and a relative, is on the run, with a bench warrant issued for his arrest.

Aboagyewaa, 54, who got offended with Pastor Yaw Osei for sprinkling some water on her, went into hiding after the offence, but was arrested and has been put before the Circuit Court at Akim Swedru, while investigations continue.

The court, presided over by Mr. Yaw Atta Sampong, did not take the plea of Aboagyewaa, who has been provisionally charged with murder. She will appear again on March 27.

Boake, is said to have joined Aboagyewaa in assaulting the pastor, until he became feeble.

Police Detective Kinglsey Antwi told Ghana News Agency (GNA) that pastor Osei did not report the incident, which occurred on January 29, at about 8 am to the police.

However, on January 26, he became indisposed and when his condition, deteriorated he was rushed to the Akim Oda Government Hospital where he died shortly on arrival

The matter was, thereafter, reported to the police, whose investigations led to the arrest Aboagyewaa, on March 9.