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She needs little or no introduction in Nollywood.The Queen of Nollywood,Genevieve Nnaji is a hot thespian,not just because of her talent but also for her exceptional acting prowess.
Genny as she is popularly called is one of the thespians who came on the scene over a
decade ago and became popular with her good mastery of the craft which was evident in her sound delivery of movies roles.
She has been courting controversies since her emergence in the movie industry, but has remained unperturbed about uncomplimentary remarks flying around her.

Despite the fact that Miss Nnaji has been romantically linked with so many men in the past,she has been trying so hard lately to shield her love life from prying eyes of the media because of the humiliation she suffers in her last relationship.

Last year,Genny was rumoured to be in a sizzling relationship with popular hip-hop star, Dapo Oyebanjo a.k.a D’banj and everyone thought it was altar-bound until the devil reared its ugly head and the whole affair collapsed like a pack of badly arranged cards.

One of the reasons for their break-up is the story of how Genevieve was given the embarrassment of her life by a London based Nigeria babe days before her last birthday.

It would be recall that D’banj and the Mo’hit crew treated Genevieve to a surprise birthday bash in London last year.

We learnt D’banj had earlier hooked up with Genevieve at a hotel and later in the day,took her to a departmental store to shop for a befitting birthday outfit.

According to sources,D’banj over the years he lived in London,has a serious girlfriend.Interestingly,D’banj girl and the girlfriend of his partners Don Jazzy are pals.

While the story was on in Nigeria that D’banj was in romance with Genevieve,the star musician we hear,was denying the fact and telling his London based babe that the story about him and Genevieve was contrived by the Nigerian media and that outside appearing in his video,she was just an acquaintance in the industry.

Nemesis however caught up with D’banj when he took Genevieve to the shop.

We gathered that Don Jazzy also took his own babe on the trip.Insiders say Don Jazzy’s babe must have used her Black Berry to contact the girl who arrived the shop in a fury.What happened next was a blur as she allegedly attacked Genevieve and almost stripped her bare.

We were told that D’banj had to buy another dress for the actress to wear back to her hotel room.
This occurrence is said to be the reason they parted.

Photos: Nicki Minaj pours out her breast.

She said she was tired of crazy attention, and so she toned down her look. Does this look like she’s not ready for attention anymore?....continue to see the pics...

MADNESS:Lil Wayne goes naked on stage.

In short everyone is short of words. We were all familiar with the 'SAGGING' displays; many of us even accepted other methods of showing how our celebs show off, but this one is quite confusing. The idea cannot even be pinned down. Maybe it was a mistake; maybe it just happened. If he was high then that means he should now be called THE MOST HIGH GUY.

Father,45 impregnates 17 year old daughter... ‘She tempted me’- Father

Wonders they say shall never end. This would best describe the act of a 45-year-old father, Faseyi Adebayo who had canal knowledge of his17-year-old daughter Bisola Adebayo, and eventually put her in the family way.

The incestuous act, which, took place at No. 31 Idowu Close, in Alimosho area has landed the ‘husband-father’ in police cell at Afonka Police Station while the partner-in-sin daughter is currently parading about with protruding stomach. Narrating her ordeal to the police, the daughter, Bisola, an only child, avowed that her father had been having carnal knowledge of her since she was 14 years old, when she lost her mother in early 2008. Her father, she alleged, took advantage of her mother’s demise to sleep with her.

Admitting his obnoxious action, Faseyi claimed that the devil used his daughter to tempt and trap him. According to the widower, his daughter had ignorantly lured him with her nakedness since the demise of her mother, arguing that most times, his daughter sleeps naked on the same bed with him in their one-room apartment. “Sometimes, she would even undress herself fully naked before me, all in the name of changing clothes”, he confessed.

Meanwhile the IPO in charge of the case said, Faseyi would be charged to court as soon as investigations are completed on the matter. Describing the matter as complicated, another police source wondered on the punishment to be melted on Bisola for not speaking out until pregnancy resulted. ‘Is that not a crime also”, he asked this declared.

Guess What This Nigerian Family Is Having For Breakfast?

I have no idea where this picture was taken but wherever it was, those are some brave kids.

All I have to say is Alligator meat??!! ♥
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Don Jazzy`s brother,D`Prince arrested over murder

According to a report by Metronews, D’Prince, who is the younger brother of Mohits boss, Don Jazzy, was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police.

D’Prince was reportedly arrested last week Monday, March 14 by officers at the homicide department at Panti, Yaba, Lagos State.

He was said to have been arrested after late Susan Yussuf’s mum allegedly fingered D’Prince in the murder of the late club owner, Susan Q, as she is also called.

According to the report, D’Prince was held for about nine hours at the police station. He was accompanied by his lawyer and some friends.

Susan Q’s mum was said to have told the police some revealing allegations linking D’Prince and one female singer with the death of Susan Q.

He was later released when there were no serious evidence linking D’Prince with Susan Q’s death. The only link with Susan Q’s death available to the police for now is Idris Mohammed, who died after the incident.

You will recall that Susan Q and D’Prince’s relationship went bitter after attempt to run Club Jonzing fell out. Susan Q is expected to be buried this Friday.

"No More Dialogue with FG" - Boko Haram.

The Islamic Terror group, Boko Haram in a telephone conference with journalist, have decreed that they will no long dialogue with Nigerian government led by infidel president, Goodluck Jonathan and his cohorts. The group's spokesperson, said that unbelievers can not be trusted. The Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, president of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria Boko Haram's led delegation withdraw from talks citing leaks from some of their first meeting memos

Below is their full translation of the press conference/interview conducted in Hausa.

"This is an important message on the issue that occupied the media in respect of negotiations between our group and the government. Not long ago, President Goodluck Jonathan made a public statement urging us to come forward for dialogue. He also said we should make our demands clear with a view to resolving the protracted problem in the country. The first condition we gave was the need for unconditional release of all our members. There was initial meeting between us and the government and in the process, one of our members, Abul Dardaa was arrested in Kaduna. Since then, we never trusted the government. However, following endless plea by some notable Nigerian, whom we have enormous respect for; we resolved to give another chance. These people said they would intercede between us and the government, they said they have the capacity and we trusted them, unfortunately however, the opportunity was messed up.

"Almighty Allah has told us repeatedly that the unbelievers will never respect the promises they made. As such, henceforth, we would never respect any proposal for dialogue. In fact, we have closed all possible doors of negotiation. We would never listen to any call for negotiations. Let the government forces do whatever they feel they can do and we too would use all the wire withal at our disposal and do what we can. If the government thinks arresting our members will discourage us from launching onslaught, then let them continue arresting and killing our members.

"We strongly believe that Almighty Allah will give us the power to catch and killed government forces. We are optimistic that we would dismantle this government and establish Islamic government in Nigeria. Let the federal government and its agents do what they can; and we in return, would also do what we can.The noble prophet Mohammed was also tried and tested during the war of Uhud, he persevered and at the end of the day, he emerged victorious. The fact is that, we don’t have an element of doubt in our minds that one day; we would surely emerge victorious from this onerous encounter.

"We are calling on all Muslims in this part of the world to accept the clarion call and fight for the restoration of the caliphate of Usman Danfodio which white the white man fought and fragmented. The white man killed prominent Islamic clerics and emirs and also replaced the white Islamic flag with the Union Jack. We want all our people to come together and restore our loss glory.

Details of the Interview session:

Question: Did you consent to Dr Datti’s initiative?

Boko Haram: Yes, Datti Ahmed and his people have intimated us that they would make attempt and find a platform on which we would meet with government agents and find solution to the crisis. Datti also assured that he will get back to us on what transpired between his group and the government. We gave him our conditions.

Question: One of our journalists is being threatened, what is your take on this?

Boko Haram: We are following unfolding events. Some people threatened a journalists and he was frightened. The truth is that, the same journalist was the very person that created a link between us and the Datti Ahmed group. We want to advice him and all journalists not to be deterred by the threat. Journalists must also adhere to the ethics of their professional calling because, all over the world, everybody knows the role of the journalist. Journalists must remain courageous.We are really involved in the moves made by Dr Datti Ahmed because they gave us adequate assurance that they have the capacity to deliver. However, they (Datti and Co) have seen how deceitful the federal government is. As far as we are concerned, we know that the federal government will not live up to its responsibility. A true believer will not allow himself to be cheated twice.

Question: Why are you backing out now?

Boko Haram: The truth is that we have been doubtful on the seriousness and purposeful commitment of the government. It was the Datti group that thought the federal government could be trusted and they have been disappointed.


A Woman and a man were
involved in a car accident.
It's a bad one, caused by the
... woman's reckless driving. (no
offence meant to anyone )
... Both of their cars were damaged
beyond repairs but amazingly
neither of them is hurt.
After they crawled out of their
cars, the woman says;
"So, you're a man. That's
interesting. I'm a woman.
Wow, just look at our cars!
There's nothing left, but
fortunately we are unhurt.
This must be a sign from God that
we should meet and be friends
and live together in peace for the
rest of our days."
The man replied," I agree with
you completely. This must be a
sign from God!
The woman continued, "And look
at this, here's another miracle.
My car is completely damaged, but
this bottle of wine didn't break.
Surely God wants us to drink this
wine and celebrate our good
Then she hands the bottle to the
man. The man nods his head in
agreement, opens it, drinks half
the bottle and then hands it back
to the woman.
The woman takes the bottle,
immediately puts the cap back on,
and hands it back to the man.
The man asks, "Aren't you having
She replies, "Nah. I think I'll just
wait for the police to come and
collect their evidence."
Adam ate the apple again!!!
Men will NEVER learn!!!
Women will Never change!!!

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