Monday, March 26, 2012


This may rather sound ridiculous but it is nothing but stark reality.More and more Ghanaian women now beat their husbands.

In year 2011 alone Two thousand four hundred and seventy four men(2,474) were beaten by their wives last year,according to statistics from the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit(DOVVSU) which was released recently.

This Shows an increase of 62 per cent over the 1,528 cases recorded in 2010.

The women are said to have attacked their partners with harmful implements such as knives,sticks and hot pressing irons over issues like poverty,irresponsibility,alcoholism,drug use,frustration,intimidation, and denial of sex.

Mr . Freeman Tettey,DOVVSU Public Relations Officer(PRO), who spoke on the latest figures said more men are now reporting all forms of abuse by their wives.

He said the development was mainly as a result of the intensive educational drive by the unit.

In the past,most men do not have the confidence to come out and report any form of abuses from their partners.

Men are now reporting abuses against them because they do not want to take the law into their own hand he explained but added that the women invariably claimed they acted in self-defense.

This latest discovery further buttress how powerful women are in the scheme of things in Ghana.

Recall that in the past,it has been reported that the Ghanaian women have the upper hand when it comes to the running of a home and family.

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The society empowers them more than the men.

Man Impregnates Mother, Step-Sister in Delta

THE sleepy community of Ibusa, near Asaba, the capital of Delta State was thrown into confusion and palpable tension with the news that a 26-year-old man, Ugochukwu has impregnated his mother and step-sister.

The Moment gathered that Ugochukwu, also popularly called Peter by people in the area allegedly left his mother identified as Cecilia while he was 12 years old to look for the proverbial golden fleece in Lagos.

It was learnt that Peter learnt the tricks of wooing women while working in a hotel in Lagos.

It was also gathered that sometime ago, Ugochukwu's father died after a brief illness and his mother, Cecilia subsequently remarried a Yoruba man in Lagos.

Sources said Ugochukwu had over time become the most sought-after man and darling of the many women who flock around the hotel where he works.

He got admitted to the Lagos polytechnic, where he reportedly met and started dating one Mary, who turned out to be his step sister, being the girl his mother had for the Yoruba man she got married to in Lagos).

Their relationship blossomed and on graduation, they thought of formal introduction to both families.

Meanwhile, Ugochukwu's mother had reportedly dumped the Yoruba man after three children and had jumped into the commercial sex business, where she is often seen around Allen Avenue in Lagos soliciting for customers.

Family sources said that Ugochukwu had always told people that his parents died long ago and he has been in the struggle alone, a situation he claimed led him to drinking, smoking as well as womanising.

On one eventful night, Ugchukwu had reportedly gone out with a friend to a hang-out, where they got themselves drunk and retired to a hotel to pass the night.

It was there he picked his mother and had sex with her without a condom.

Meanwhile, Ugochukwu and Mary continued with their introduction plans and trip to the village, prompting her (Mary) and Cecilia (their mother) to return home in preparation for the event.

Alas, when Ugochukwu was introduced by Mary as her husband-to-be, all hell broke loose as it was discovered that the two are siblings, an occurrence regarded by family members as a taboo and abominable.

The Moment investigation learnt that while the family is yet to fully recover from the shock, Cecilia, their mother opened up on her relationship with her son and that that she was even pregnant for him.

A family member identified as Martins confirmed the incident, adding that the elders have asked the trio to move out of the community.

Residents who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity condemned the act, describing it as an abomination and unheard-off.