Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Toyosi Akerele

It’s been pretty long that we did this. Naijamotivation Interview went off for a while because of my book launch and now we are back BIG and BETTER. Today we’ve caught a BIG fish, a lady that has took up the challenge of transforming the lives of youths all over the nation.
She is the brain behind The RISE Network organizers of the Youth Interactive Event that has been going round the country. Join me as well welcome this wonderful lady, Toyosi Akerele. :)
May we know you? 
Oluwatoyosi Akerele but people know me as OLUWAMITOYOSIRISE of the most high. 
What was growing up like for you? 
I’m the first child in the family. I have two wonderful sisters and a brother. Growing up, I was very stubborn but not rebellious. I was confident and not arrogant. I was very obedient to my parents though I stood my ground strongly against some of the principles that I thought would not appeal to me. Basically I was a peaceful child.
Are you married?
No As has been asked others we have interviewed in the past, we will like to know the day that changed your life? 
The day I realized hard work doesn’t kill but poverty does. I’ll rather work hard than remain poor.
That is a great philosophy to discover. Hope someone will jot this down. Now Toyosi tell us about the journey so far. How did you get started and how has it been all the way? 
There was a time I use to run on okada from place to place. I started from my rickety home in Jos as a 300 level with a fairly used computer. I remember how my power pack got burnt and I didn’t have enough money to replace it. But I realize that there is need for a mentor.
Even now, there are authorities that I regard with deep sense of respect. I didn’t pick a loan. I started with the vision and rode with the vision. What you see today is the manifestation of my determination and hard work to see the vision come true.
Great one there! Now tell us, what has been the role of dreams in your life? 
From childhood, I’ve had this ardent conviction that young people have a strategic role to play in the economy and nation building. My vision was and is to impart knowledge to the youths as regards channeling our energies and talents in a positive direction, and that vision gave birth to RISE = Reputation + Impact + Style + Expression
Great one there! Do you have any regret in following your dreams? 
Not at all
What are the most important lessons you have learnt in life? 
*Never say never until you try* *Being persistent in getting what you want*
Hmmmm. These are surely great lessons to learn. I’m sure someone would have noted these in his/her journal. Please tell us, who are your Role Models or Mentors? 
My mother, Daddy Gamaliel Onosode, Uncle Fela Durotoye…. just to mention a few
I have always preached reading to all and sundry because it had great effect on my life. We will like to know the roles books have played in your life? 
I really love reading books and I make sure I read at least a chapter of a book a day, regardless of how busy I am or how stressed I get. Books are hidden clues to discovering great treasures. However, when you read, you skim the surface but when you study, you discover the TREASURE.
You can say that over and over again. Do you have any ecommended readings? - 
Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins - The power of FOCUS by Jack Canfield et al - Executive Intelligence by Justin Menkes - The 360® Leader by John C. Maxwell
Noted! There is a saying that if you want to be successful, you need to do the things successful people are doing. So you reading this, you have to ensure you note these books down and get to read them as soon as possible ;) We also want to know this, what would you have been doing if you are not doing what you are doing now? 
(Laugh) I’ll be doing criminal cases and I’ll be so perfect at it.
Wow! So we would have been hearing of a certain Lawyer Toyosi if not for the vision, lol. Interesting! We are rounding up soon. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now? 
A position of great relevance, because I do not like being called SUCCESSFUL, I want to be SUCCEEDING.
This is awesome. Well, I think I will also join you in succeeding. How do you catch fun in spite of your schedules? 
Watching movies. I love to watch Nigerian home videos a lot and I also listen to every brand of music. However, my work is the most form of relaxation for me because, there is nothing like doing what you enjoy doing and loving every bit of it.
I agree with every bit of the last statement. There is a statement that says when you do what you love, you will NEVER work for the rest of your life ;) Now, In your own opinion, how can Nigeria be great again? N
igeria is already great. We have a lot of young people doing great things. The only challenge we have is that we rely too much on other people to do our work for us. What we need is Human Development and Information.
You can say that over and over again. I so much believe in the principle of personal responsibility and that is exactly what you have said. Lastly, what advice do you have for our readers? 
Thank you very much for this question. This is an opportunity for me to tell you that you can make it in life. You do not need the approval of any man to be what God has ordained you to be. The decision lies within you.
WOW! Maybe you don’t believe when I say YES YOU CAN! But Toyosi has confirmed that and you have no choice than to BELIEVE! This brings us to the end of this interview session with another great Naija Role Model. Remember, this is not for show off but a challenge to someone out there.
This is not the time to continue the blame game, it is time for us to pick up the gauntlet and DO SOMETHING!Pretty soon, I will be featuring another great young Nigerian doing something wonderful out there. Who knows, that person could be you.
Before then, keep following your dreams and keep believing YES YOU CAN!

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