Thursday, June 14, 2012

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:"Goldie Is Unstable" -Maneta

Maneta also said that Goldie is not a right person to joke with and on this issue the Queenof Pranks(Maneta) said that she can’t prank Goldie.

It is of no doubt that the Upvillers have found another way to entertain themselves and that is through these pranks . Lady May too after being pranked but found her pink shoe in the vase, she backfired and joined the group in a silent way and did the same thing they did to her!

Pranks!pranks!pranks! ,…….we are yet to see many of them showing up in the House because Maneta said it at point b lank that she will continue with her pranks even to Lady who claims that she hates them!……This means that more drama is in the corner.

Do you really believe that Goldie is Unstable as Maneta described her?

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