Sunday, June 24, 2012

JTF kills 4 Boko Haram Members in Jan-Block Quaters, Kano.

The Islamic Terror group Boko Haram lost 4 of their members yesterday, when the Joint Special Task Force (JTF) raided their hide out at the Jan-block quarters in Gwale LGA in Kano city.

The building served as the operational base of the terrorists on the outskirts of the Kano city along Gwarzo Road, close Bayero University, Kano (BUK) Old Campus.

Lt. Ikedichi Iweoha, the JTF Spokesman in Kano who confirmed the incident to Hope For Nigeria, said that, "a dawn raid was carried out by the task force resulting in a gun battle.
Four suspected terrorists were killed in their hideout, located at Jan-block."

A bomb ridden car was discovered by the special force, and IDE and other related ammunitions.

It is now getting certain that this incident and the arrest of 4 people that were planting bombs in a mosque last Friday may be connected.
Boko Haram Threatened to deal with Kano people early this week, for cooperating with the Joint Special Task Force.

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