Wednesday, July 11, 2012

T*R*O*U*B*L*E:Prophet Impregnates Woman to prove She is not Barren.

*"I have become a bachelor again after the prophet I trusted impregnated my wife and married her."

A man from Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo got to learn the hard way as the prophet whom he believed would come to his rescue later impregnated his wife and married her as his second wife.

William Matsure became a bachelor after he took his wife Petrocell Muleya to a Bulawayo prophet Brian Nyika for rituals as he suspected that she was barren. The couple failed to conceive children despite trying all they could in a period of three years. It is reported that Matsure gained trust on Nyika after he succeeded in destroying one of the goblins that once grabbed headlines for allegedly having sex with women in the same Entumbane suburb.

A reliable source revealed that Matsure was desperate to have children and he suspected that his wife was barren therefore he sought help from Prophet Nyika. Little did Matsure know that he was inviting more trouble for himself by putting a mouse and peanuts in the same room.

Matsure then took his wife to Nyika for rituals and that was the last time he got in between the sheets with his wife as after the alleged rituals she always had excuses saying she was on medication.

"Matsure was eager to have children, he bought his wife's story and after a few months he got the shock of his life when he noticed that his wife's tummy was growing bigger everday. When he confronted her about what was happening, Muleya divulged that she was pregnant and the prophet was responsible as they had unprotected sex together after Nyika had said he wanted to confirming that indeed she was not barren," said the source.

Muleya told her husband that the prophet did not conduct any healing session as he claimed that the first session was to sleep with him and if she did not get pregnant that would confirm she was barren. Realising that she had messed up, Muleya left her matrimonial home to stay with Prophet Nyika and became his second wife," said the source.

Matsure confirmed that the prophet snatched his wife whom he was supposed to assist to be able to conceive children.

"I have become a bachelor again after the prophet I trusted impregnated my wife and married her."

Prophet Nyika also confirmed that he married Muleya as his second wife, but refused to comment on whether she had been her client before he fell in love with her.

"I married Muleya as my second wife and at the moment she is at the rural areas. I do not know that she was married to someone else before," claimed Prophet Nyika who is however supposed to see what happens in the spirit realm.

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