Saturday, July 21, 2012

Victims of the Society: A Movie on Child Abuse and HIV

This movie with a galaxy of stars like Joke Silva, Alex Usifo, Patience Ozokwor, Zulu Adigwe amongst others, is intended to educate people on the ills that the children and the society face when child neglect, child abuse and infringement upon the rights of children, With their education can cause them within social circle, these acts are still in practice even till date. You can see these happening mostly in our modern day African countries, and of course, other continents of the world, but especially with the black children, who are the future hope of this great country and the continent of Africa.

These children are exposed to so much hardship and desperation knowingly or unknowingly by their parents as a result of poverty and strive for better tomorrow. putting them through the risks of their lives at a tender age, exposing them to violence that create a bad future and insecurity as they become VICTIMS OF THE SOCIETY. Young girls may resolve to other means of getting money: prostitution mostly, which could lead to unwanted pregnancies and contacting of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS.

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