Monday, August 6, 2012


The mindless killings recorded in several parts of Northern Nigeria over the weekend, has gathered, was the handwork of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

The sect has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Damaturu, killing in Maiduguri as well as the attack on Gombe, many of which led to the death of innocent Nigerians.

Below is a statement by Abul Qaqa, spokesman of the Boko Haram:

“All gratitude goes to the Almighty Allah. On Saturday around 6pm, the warriors of Almighty Allah were on a mission but were attacked by a detachment of JTF operatives at Kaleri area of Maiduguri. As our lord pleases, our warriors succeeded in sending many of them to their graves.

“Similarly, we succeeded in killing six soldiers during an encounter with them in Gombe town.

“Again, we triumphed in Damaturu today (Sunday), around 12 noon when JTF operatives attempted to stop one of our warriors in his bomb laden vehicle at a checkpoint. After realizing their intention, he did not waste time in crashing into them,” the statement said.

Na wa ooh!!! please kindly drop your comments below, Lets all condemn this useless and barbaric group that find pleasure in killing people only.

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