Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Girls to women presents: Essential life skills and youth development camp

The holiday camp is an annual teenage capacity development initiative targeted at students in senior secondary schools in selected areas which are usually rural communities or urban slums.  It is a programme designed to prepare the adolescents to take charge of their own lives and act as agents of positive change in their communities. The camp develops the capacity of the young participants to make the best out of their youth and also prepare for the future by making   informed  decisions to ensure their future success.
The trainings are in three categories:
  1. Curricular classes: which aims to  increase the knowledge of the participants on core subjects: English Language , Yoruba literature and Mathematics;
  2. Skills  building class: which aims to build entrepreneur ability in the students by teaching them  various skills such as fashion art, bag design and production, paper  graphics and production class,  tie and dye, soap making cake and pastry, bead and wire works:
  3. Essential life skills and human development sessions: which develops essential life skills, reproductive health awareness, community development  skills, compassionate skils for care of people living with disabilities.
The camp develops the competitive and entrepreneurial edge in the students  through subject  quiz competitions, language essay renditions, production of products  learnt in camp and exhibition of This programme is made free of charge  for the students who participate while the host school is supported through donation of books and readable materials to their library.  
The 2013 camp is on-going in St Francis Grammar School, Gaga, oke aro, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria from 5th August to 30th August 2013.


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