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Introducing the Groom Style Consultant – Sammy Aki: Tips, Moments & More!

Today on BellaNaija Weddings we have something for the grooms!
Groom style consultant Sammy Aki is both Ghanaian and Nigerian, and started her styling service last year after she noticed a  considerable gap for groom advice in the wedding industry. Today she shares a series of “moments” every guy experiences on their wedding day – photos from a groom she styles, and we also ask her some questions on how she prepares grooms for their big day.
From Sammy to Grooms, advice and tips:
bellanaija_sammy_aki1. What’s the best way to stand out from your groomsmen?
I have seen a resurgence in  waistcoats for Grooms and this is not the typical “white wedding” waistcoat but one tailored for you in corresponding fabric to your suit. Whilst wearing a waistcoat you can really stand proud and have a distinguished difference between yourself and your groomsmen.
2. What are creative ways to look coordinated with the bride (apart from matching socks, boutonniere)?
Coordination is the keyword here and not matching, it’s not fancy dress. As part of my consultation service I meet the bride as well as the Groom. This enables me to ask specific questions and see a (secret) photo of what she will be wearing and get to know the other themes of the wedding. This is very important as a style of a suit and its accessories can also vary as much as the brides gown. So if her theme is 1920′s Paris and the Groom isn’t aware of this or isn’t sure how to interpret it he could easily run into difficulties. Some may think a dinner jacket is just a dinner jacket but I know that there are several ways to stand out from the crowd in black tie without having to wear white.
3. A couture gown takes about 6 months to make between fittings, embellishments and more fittings. How much time should a man invest in getting a bespoke suit?
I work closely with the tailors of Savile Row to produce their biannual presentation for London Collections Men. ( Together we produce at times over 100 bespoke outfits for the models involved. I’m not going to deny that a few grumbles can sometimes be heard as there is no getting away from the fact that the Bespoke process is a precise one and time is needed for excellence. A two piece suit can have  over 200 hours of hand work and each time it takes my breath away to see what is achieved.
For a new client at least 3 appointments will be needed. The first of which all measurements will be taken, and fabrics and style decided. I am on hand to guide clients through the 1000′s of fabrics available and have also worked on producing exclusive cloths with the mills.  An individually cut paper pattern is produced by hand by the Master Cutter who will then proceed to the first stages of the process. Typically it will take between 8-12 weeks depending on the time of year and the clients availability for fittings.  In this time I will also work on coordinating the accessories, shirting and footwear to complete the entire look for the Groom. As well as offering a made to measure service for the Best Men and ushers.
Wedding Photos from a Sammy Aki styled groom – very dapper!
370-0254 groomstyle groomstyle 1 370-0304 370-0482 370-0411 370-0426 370-0517 370-0520
Now here’s something every groom can relate to:
“Moments”: (featuring rising Nigerian/British actor Chuku Modu)
Sammy says, “Back in January (the day after The English Gentleman at Spencer House) I pulled together my team to produce a “film”. An expression of how we feel a Groom’s preparations for his wedding should also be a focus. Sophisticated, sleek and masculine, is how we want every man to indulge in his wedding. Set at the stunning St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Kings Cross London, our Grooms celebrate with the Best of British Tailoring and present their Moment…”
There is always “a moment” on the wedding day when a man takes 30 seconds and reflects. In this moment emotions of joy, anxiety, eagerness and pride surround him. This is the Groom’s moment. When will yours come?
These short (each less than a minute long videos) were inspired by iconic images taken from the weddings of President Obama to Mick Jagger.

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