Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are you Ready for #Adoptatweep

A lovely day to you and yours.
Thank you for registering for #AdoptATweep September Edition coming up tomorrow, 7th September 2013 at the Amber Hall, Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham, 1 Uke Street, Area 11, Garki - Abuja. (The building beside Sahad Stores, Area 11)
We have FREE WiFi available for the first 50 people that arrives tomorrow.
Two food vendors (@indomienoodle and @SweetPot2) would have delicious meals available for you at no cost.
Join @blcompere this evening by 7pm for her famous #FollowFriday shoutouts. The focus will be to hype all registered attendees for tomorrow's #AdoptATweep.
Sharing is caring, inform your friends to register here

Enhance the conversation by tweeting the lines below for us as part of our scheduled tweet-a-thon...

I just registered for #AdoptATweep holding on Saturday 7th September, 2013. Register here RSVP: @AdoptATweep
If you are reading this, I know you are socially connected. How about joining us for some #SocialGood via #AdopATweep

You can change your world one tweet at a time for #SocialGood this Saturday at #AdoptATweep powered by @AdoptATweep

Twitter is more than a tool to combat boredom. Find out how, as we meet for #AdoptATweep this Saturday

To impact others you must first impact you. To impact you, start by attending #AdoptATweep for #SocialGood this Saturday

Do you know that #AdoptATweep + #SocialGood = Freebies :)

Let us use twitter for #SocialGood this Saturday as we meet-up for #AdoptATweep powered by @AdoptATweep

Exciting News: This edition of #AdoptATweep is coming with a twist. Exciting sessions like never before + loads of goodies!
What is Social Good? How do I get involved? You will learn all of these at #AdoptATweep. Register here
We'll be hosting people whose lives have been impacted via #SocialGood at #AdoptATweep
Vendors for this edition of #AdoptATweep include; Indomie Nigeria, @GastoHealth, @SweetPot2 etc.
Free Wifi available for the first 50 people to arrive at #adoptatweep this Saturday. Click
Incase you haven't registered for #AdoptATweep, you can still do that here; freely
Wouldn't it be nice to sit down and listen to inspiring stories from those whose lives have been impacted via Social Good? #AdoptATweep
I will be at #AdoptATweep on Saturday by 4pm. What about you? Cc @AdoptATweep
We at @AdoptATweep have been building social media savvy entrepreneurs and now... #SocialGood! Come see at #AdoptATweep
This edition of #AdoptATweep is specially targeted at Non-Profits and we intend to teach them how to use Twitter for #SocialGood
Do you know that #AdoptATweep is Abuja's foremost and largest offline social media event. It is free and will always be free
The pioneer health online #SocialGood event in Nigeria was #SaveMeka. Mr. @mekadon_ will be sharing with us at #AdoptATweep
We encourage all attendees to arrive on time. Entrance is strictly by free registration at #AdoptATweep
Lots of surprises await you this Saturday. Register here for #AdoptATweep
Register here:  to meet Abuja's twitter enthusiasts on Saturday! You don't want to miss it. #AdoptATweep

Video premiere on Saturday: #AdoptATweep making with @OjaySays, @KoloKennethK & @blcompere. Producer @IkechiUgwoeje. Director @estherclimate

Do follow @sophoto1, the official photographer for all #AdoptATweep events.

We will enjoy loads of delicious @indomienoodle even as we sing "Mama do good o, you do good" this Saturday at #AdoptATweep

Have you ever eaten from @SWEETPOT2? If yes, great! If no, join us at #AdoptATweep this Saturday for meals, meals and meals.

All #AdoptATweep team members are commited to providing #SocialGood for @GasToHealth even as we make the switch to LPG.

“I have "met" the most amazing people online especially on twitter! At @AdoptATweep I can connect face to handle and still learn” ~ @zegbua

"I sincerely appreciate the people who are willing to buy tickets, but #AdoptATweep is free and will aways be free" ~ @OjaySays
Warm regards

#AdoptATweep BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) event
Hosted by blcompère Ltd.
Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (WAT)
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Uke Street, Abuja, FCT  |  Directions

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