Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BBA STARGAME UPDATE:"I Don't Want Her Prize Money"-Tamara

"If she wins this money, she can have it. I don't want a cent of it," Tamara declared to Big Brother.

Emotions ran high when Talia and Tamara were given a chance to vent in the Diary Room and the latest is that Tamara wishes her sister well in the game.

Though they are in the game together, Tamara sarcastically said she could see that all that mattered to her sister was going to Upville and she wished her well.

"She must go to Upville and win this money. I don't care. I'm a hustler, I'll hustle," Tamara insisted. Meanwhile, Talia told Biggie that she was tired of how her sister bullied her and always expected her to act in a certain way. Both sisters agreed though that they knew that they would have a blow out in the House. "I express myself and my individuality in here and she doesn't like that," Talia said.

Big Brother suggested that the girls find it in themselves to iron out their issues and focus on the ultimate prize. Biggie also offered the sisters professional help but Tamara claimed to be good and instead suggested that her sister needed it more. "I can deal with a lot of pressure. Let her offload," she said.

However Big Brother advised Tamara to see the big picture as the big sister.

Do you think the sisters are in a position to resolve their issues in the House?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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