Tuesday, July 3, 2012


ghana nigeria 300x210 GHANA vs NAIJA........NO HOME TURF ADVANTAGE FOR GHANA

Me self don dey tire for this whole Naija/Ghana problem that has been going on for a while now…First it was “Ghana must go” vs “Naija must leave cos they contaminating our country”…next one come be “Nollywood” vs “Ghollywood”, and now prostitution tournament.

Ghanaian girls who offer sex for money at Adum, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region, have expressed anger over some Nigerians importing younger and prettier girls who are gradually taking over the sex business.
Shoo…. anyways i’m happy Ghana is finally accepting the fact that we look way better than them….. thank u thank u Charleys for the acknowledgment icon smile GHANA vs NAIJA........NO HOME TURF ADVANTAGE FOR GHANA But at the same time they shouldnt be surprised, cos if Naija peeps put their mind on smth, it’s def a wrap!!!!

If not for the intervention of the assembly member for the area, Albert Osei-Banahene, the enraged sex workers would have hit the streets in their nakedness and marched from one office building to another, just to get the authorities to come to their aide.
shey una dey see that naked thing wey i don dey talk about? Its like most African women want to be naked these days…….Anyways i think i might support u guys on this move shaa…..yess “do it..do it..commot am”..Ohh yeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh icon smile GHANA vs NAIJA........NO HOME TURF ADVANTAGE FOR GHANA

“We would start attacking any underage ashawo from Nigeria because they are spoiling the market,” one of them noted. Interestingly, though both groups are prostituting, the Ghanaian girls say they are commercial sex workers while the Nigerians are ‘ashawos.’
Ah ah …come on nah…which levels? make una no touch my Naija girls for thia ohh, if una no want make kill one of my Ghanaian friends for hia (kruma & co.)

OH Naija ehh..we no dey ever carry last for any illegal stuff…Although this news is just mad hillarious, this isnt smth to boast about tho….First it was Italy, then Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Ivory Coast..and now Ghana……May God save us

And finally let me give you guys a take home assignment. What is the difference between a “commercial sex worker” and an “ashawo”?

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