Friday, February 1, 2013

Cuisine: Oh So Yummy Tilapia

When Chef Fregz sent me a “frantic” message saying he was so backed up with work and could not write a BN cuisine for this week and wondered if I would take his place, I was very excited. Primarily because I felt Chef Fregz saw me GOOD enough to bring my voice to such a platform like BN; and secondly because it was a chance to share something I love with so many people around the world!
Thank you so much Chef Fregz!
Now, because this was very last minute, I could not get fancy for you guys (forgive me) but I can definitely give you a recipe that is full of flavor, healthy and is also very attainable for the most amateur cook.
I had a Tilapia in my fridge with some shrimps and my fresh herbs I always have on hand. So I decided to make a spicy tilapia stuffed with tarragon and shrimps and served with a side of jasmine rice.
What you need
1 Whole tilapia, cleaned
1 pound shrimps
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 scotch bonnet peppers
1 garlic clove
1 shallot
1 finger ginger
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 handful of fresh tarragon
How to
So first I got the fish and cleaned it. Well it was mostly cleaned at the store so I just rinsed it with warm water and set it in the middle of my foil paper.
Next I blended, shallots, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, oyster sauce, soy sauce and scotch bonnet peppers (ata rodo)
And it looked like so. I tasted for salt and added a little salt to get it to where I needed. Depending on the amount of soy sauce you add, you might not need salt. Then I marinated the shrimps and the fish in the sauce and put it in my fridge for one hour.
fish in pasteAfter an hour, I took it out of the fridge, stuffed the side of the tilapia with the shrimps. Added some fresh tarragon. I covered it with some fresh sweet peppers and some more tarragon
Set the oven to 350c on bake and bake for 45 minutes. Then for 15 minutes, set it to grill at 400c to make the fish a little crispy. When you bring it out of the oven, it should look like this.
Some liquid would have released during the cooking. That would be your sauce for the rice. Yummmmmmm! Serve it however you like, and serve with some Jasmine rice and your favorite bottle of sauvignon blanc
Dinner looked and tasted absolutely yummy!  I almost made a second one when I was done but I had to remind myself we are all on a weight loss journey at least for the month of January!
Oh and incase you are wondering about the shrimps

They are right there! I hope you enjoyed me taking Chef Fregz place for the day! If you want more recipes from me you can visit my website till next time!

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