Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How can anyone do this to a child?

I really battled with myself whether to put this up or not. I've had the photos for a while but it just didn't seem right at first...but someone around me now said it's information and should be passed on. If some of you find it offensive, then I will take it down.

A few weeks back, some people (one of them a LIB reader who sent in the story and photos) saw this beautiful baby stone dead dumped at the canal before UNILAG maingate, at Abule Oja. They alerted the social workers at the Family Welfare Centre at Birrel Sabo, who came immediately and removed the baby from the canal. The LIB reader took some photos and sent to me...he said seeing that dead baby in that canal was the worst thing he had ever seen...and was in shock for days.

It's the saddest thing to see really. A child! Whoever did this, how dare you? Even if the child died at home or something, why not a proper burial? Incredibly sad. If you have stomach to, then see the beautiful baby after the cut...

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