Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MTN Project Fame Gossipmonger - Beyond what you see on TV

Every week, y'all will be getting a recap of the 2012 MTN Project Fame show from the Project Fame Gossip Monger (Not me).  Below is what she has to share with you this week...enjoy!
I hurriedly ran into the E-Centre compound- yes the one at Yaba. I ran stylishly (not wanting people to get the drift) because I was already running late for my movie. And you won’t believe who I saw.
I saw someone who looked like Adetoun from Project Fame and I was going to swear the lady was her twin sister, just then I saw Ayo, Marvellous and the rest and I didn’t know when I asked ‘What is happening here?’

“The MTN Project Fame Contestants came to meet and greet their fans. Isn’t that awesome?” Answered a lady from the bursting crowd.

“Cool” I said trying my best not to  show off my excitement. Unknown to me, the beautiful contestants were having a “meet and greet” session with their fans at the popular hub and since I was a PF faithful myself I decided to stay.

While I was still there trying to play it cool while internally my body was reacting  from the shock of seeing my favorite contestant in person (Wonder who that is. Your guess is as good as mine) I watched the contestants mount the stage one after the other and before I knew what was happening, I had to find a good position because fans and friends were hovering all around for the perfect ‘viewing position’.

WHOA. They sang, some croaked,  some did a little bit of both. Then afterwards, onlookers like me were called to dance on the stage. Did I dance? For where? Will they pay me? But apparently other onlookers didn’t share my sentiments as they mounted the stage and at one point threatened to bring it down with their dance moves. Expectedly some people actually could dance whilst the others  errrrrrmmmm let’s put that in another post.  MTN too was on hand to give the hot steppers and madt (yes!! mad with a t)  movers  gifts for their efforts which made me feel like maybe I too should have mounted that stage *sad face*.

With my hopes for watching a movie totally dashed  I decided  I might as well enjoy myself. Luckily for me just standing there was my FAVORITE  contestant and yes he is a HE…   And so that’s how we got talking about the academy, his expectations, experiences and everything  ( Using skills only a woman knows I was able to get him all to myself without  ‘outside interference’). And at the end of the chat we took pictures. ( Did he take my number? now that’s for me to know and for you to wonder about *kanyeshrug* ) The picture is my screen saver now. *wink wink*. 

Guess where I branched shortly after? That MTN shop at E-Centre, you know I had to stack loads of cards to keep my errrmm…contestant in the academy.

Now tell me, who is your favorite contestant? Remember to text their unique number to 306. And in case you don’t have one yet, feel free to vote for mine. Their numbers are on the picture above. Let the best guy/girl win (hopefully my contestant) J.

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