Friday, August 16, 2013

Halima Abubakar: “I am a Lady, Yes I Have Been Sexually Harassed” – Movie Star on Nollywood & Acting Nude

Halima Abubakar gets personal.
In an interview with Vanguard, the Nollywood star speaks on Nollywood, acting nude and her career goals.
We often hear of stories that both young and established female actresses have been sexually harassed by their colleagues, but most of them choose not to speak on the issue.
When asked if she has been sexually harassed since she started acting, Halima who describes herself as a “simple girl next door” says “Won’t I be lying if I say nobody has harassed me? I’m a lady. It’s totally untrue when people say they’ve never been harassed.”
On how she has been able go through it - It might come in the form of “toasting”. I wasn’t “blocked” now. While some will just tell you to your face. As a woman you have to respect yourself and set boundaries regardless of what people think. Some people think that sleeping with someone will give them what they’re looking for, but it doesn’t. That’s the way I see life. You are not supposed to do anything (engage in a sexual relationship)
So what I do is, I look at the person’s face and tell him this is wrong, because I’m sure that aside from me, he will harass another person. The only easy way is to disgrace the person so that he will be shy to do that to the next person.
So you really disgrace the person? - Of course . My dear, I’m not there to joke, neither am I there to be rude to anybody. But you know, you meet some very rude people that don’t know how to talk. So when you meet such people, you just give it back to them. You raise your voice and embarrass them, they won’t try it again.
On acting nude – She may play sultry characters on the big screen, but don’t expect Halima to be flaunting her derriere anytime soon, she says a big “NO” to it
On if she’s ever dated someone in Nollywood - Definitely. Am I a child? I have and I’m not lying about it.
On if she’ll stop acting - Yes, I won’t act forever. I’ll go behind the cameras. I’m not one of those actors that will say I’m good in every way or that I must be in every movie that I produce. I don’t have to be. I’ll take the free time I have when I’m free.
On her role models - Well, I love Angelina Jolie because of how wonderful her heart is. She’s human and I see her as flawless. She’s one person I look up to. In Nollywood, I admire a lot of people.
On where she draws Inspiration - I just pray. I don’t draw inspiration from anyone.

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