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‘Glam Content to Educate, Entertain & Inspire!’ – Glam Networks Announces Glam Report TV + Reveals Show’s Presenters – Michelle Dede, Didi Ocheja & Fade Ogunro

The ‘Glam’ Trio- Fade Ogunro (left), Didi Ocheja (middle) & Michelle Dede (right)
We have witnessed tremendous growth in the Nigerian Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry with local practitioners gaining  visibility across various international platforms. In recognition of this achievement, Glam Networks at a press conference held yesterday at SIP Restau Lounge,  Lagos announced the launch of  Glam Report TV – a 30 minute chic and fast-paced fashion, beauty and lifestyle  television magazine show.
The show which  intersects home and foreign territories to aptly meet the needs and preferences of the trendy youth and working class Nigerian is split in 4 segments, namely:
Glam Personality: This segment uncovers power entrepreneurs in the Nigerian Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry. It highlights their brands, competitive strength, typical work day, the glitz of their careers and their personalities.
Glam Spotlight: This segment focuses on players within the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry under the age of 32 who have thrilling careers. It aims to inspire the audience.
Glam Access: This segment goes behind the scenes of the most exciting and high profile photo shoots, fashion, beauty and lifestyle events.  It also features the hottest celebrities revealing their style secrets.
Glam U:  This is an interactive DIY segment that provides cutting edge information and tips on skin care, grooming, style, beauty and fashion.  The segment’s sponsors, VENUS, anticipate that it will “encourage our consumers to have and live a better lifestyle”.
Speaking on Glam Report TV, Bola Balogun, its Creator and Producer said, “We all deserve to be living our best lives. The show provides us with the tools to do so;  it allows us to lovingly embrace fashion, crave a more fulfilled lifestyle  and successfully work towards an improved, rejuvenated and glamorous us.”
Left to capture the hearts of the show’s audience will be hosts Michelle Dede, Didi Ocheja and Fade Ogunro. Armed with years of experience in their areas of expertise: Michelle, a TV and live-events presenter with “Big Brother Nigeria” and MTN’s “Family Game Show” under her portfolio; Didi, Creative Director of Didi Isah Accessories and was the prior Executive Brand Director for Miss Nigeria and The Creative Director of the Miss Nigeria reality show; and Fade, a multilingual radio presenter at the Beat99.9Fm and TV producer. The vivacious and versatile trio adequately set the tone of what promises to be most invigorating beauty, fashion and lifestyle TV show to infiltrate our everyday lives.
BN had a brief chat with the Creator & Producer of Glam Report TVBola Balogun:
BN: What was the inspiration behind Glam Report TV?
BB: I’ve been in the Nigerian fashion industry for close to a decade and I know how hard people in the creative industry work and  how big their accomplishments have gotten over the years, but this is not out there for the mass to see and learn from. Glam Report TV was created to fill that gap, to get their success and inspiring stories exposed; to educate  and inspire everyone.
BN: Is Glam Report TV solely targeted at a female audience?
BB: Of course not! Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion is not gender discriminating. All over the world, men as much as women are interested in looking and feeling good. At Glam Report TV we consider our male audience as important as the female audience and we’ve created content that caters to men. We have segments that will educate men on the latest trends and how to improve their lifestyle. The show also showcases well-accomplished men in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry, so we hope that men will be watching and equally getting inspired!
BN: Why did you pick Michelle Dede, Didi Ocheja and Fade Ogunro as the presenters of the show?
BB: Michelle, Didi and Fade are beautiful, smart and stylish women and  I believe they have the charisma and engaging personality to truly connect with the show’s audience.
BN: As a pioneer stylist in the Nigerian Fashion Industry, there are high style expectations for the presenters, would viewers be left pleased?
BB: I hold the belief that style should be personal and at the same time, comfortable. Luckily, our three presenters are stylish in their own right. Working with the show’s stylist, Ebun, we’ve tried to create looks based on each presenter’s personality and body shape. Style will forever be subjective, but I hope their style fosters engagement with viewers.
BN: What should viewers expect fom Glam Report TV?
BB: Viewers should expect fantastic production, great content that is entertaining, educative and inspiring!
View photos from the Press Conference below:
BolaBalogun- Creator & Producer of Glam-Report TV
Bola Balogun- Creator & Producer of Glam Report TV (left) & Dr. Ebele Ugochukwu of Sleek Nigeria
Glam Report TV Presenters; Fade Ogunro (left), Didi Ocheja (middle), Michelle Dede (right) with Falzi Fahm – Director, Opinions Former
Omoni Oboli- Face of Venus
Franca Asindi- Editor, Complete Fashion Magazine
Efe Tommy- Excite On Tv (left), Elohor Aisien, Azuka & Dimeji Alara- Editor StyleMania
Bola Balogun & Glam Report TV Presenters- Fade (left), Didi (middle) & Michelle (right)
Bola Balogun-Creator & Producer of Glam Report TV with the show’s presenters; Michelle Dede, Fade Ogunro, Didi Ocheja and Actress and Face of Venus, Omoni Oboli and the Venus team.
‘Glambasaddors’- Didi (left), Fade (middle) & Michelle (right)
SLEEK is the official hair and make-up Sponsor of Glam Report TV.  Glam Report TV Media Partners are Genevieve Magazine and  Additional Sponsors and Media Partners will be unveiled in the coming weeks.
 Glam Report TV will air on AIT, DSTV’s Africa Magic and other local channels.
About Glam Networks
Glam Networks is a television content development and production company committed to creating innovative television programmes that focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle for African and International markets.  Glam Networks was established in 2009 by Bola Balogun – Nigeria’s pioneering fashion stylist and foremost fashion consultant. Glam Network’s television production credits include: “Miss Nigeria Reality Show” with Nike Oshinowo-Soleye, “Austrian Lace” Documentary, “I See Lagos” Television Campaign with Governor Fashola, “Oprah Winfrey Show – Beauty in Africa” with Uche Eze of Bella Naija, “MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week Audition Special”, and “Venus Glam Time With Omoni Oboli”.
For more info and general enquiries, e-mail
For sponsorship opportunities, contact Glam Report TV at 08039589877, 08033178889,

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