Friday, August 24, 2012

PHOTO:Police Parade Suspected Killers of Miss Cynthia Udoka Osukogu

Exactly one month after Miss Cynthia Udoka Osukogu was killed in a hotel room in Festac, Lagos, the police on Wednesday paraded two undergraduates who confessed to killing her.

The suspects, one Okwuoma Echezona Nwabufo, 33, and his maternal cousin Odera Ezekiel Ilechukwu, 23 were presented to journalists at the Command Headquarters, Ikeja.

While Okwuoma claims he is a 300 level Accounting student at the University of Lagos, Ezekiel also studies Accountancy at the Anambra State University.

However, journalists were not allowed to take pictures of the suspects' faces.

Okwuoma, who said Cynthia was his friend, admitted that they drugged the deceased by injecting 10 Refnol tablets into three packets of Ribena drink they offered her.

The suspect claimed that he invited the deceased from Abuja to Lagos.

According to him, their mission was to dislodge her of her possessions, while the drug was to make her weak and loss memory of everything that transpired between them.

"Cynthia was my friend, we met through blackberry group chat and we had mutual understanding before she came to Lagos on Sunday, July 21.

“The deceased was coming to buy stocks for her boutique in Abuja, so I thought that maybe she would have enough money with her and we planned to collect her belongings," Okwuoma said.

The suspect said the deceased was killed at Concilia hotel, not too far away from his Sixth Avenue, Festac, residence.

Narrating how they killed Major-Gen. Frank Osukogu’s only daughter, the suspect said they tied her with celotape and a chain, adding that when she struggled with them, he held her excessively to ensure she did not shout.

"I invited her and in the process, we had disagreement so, I felt like robbing her of all she has, “he policemen.

When asked if he raped Cynthia and why there was condom in the hotel room, the suspect said he did not rape her, claiming the condom was used for something else.

"I used it on her based on the vibrator she had. She came with a vibrator and so I inserted the condom on it and later dropped it there. I did not sleep with her, if the police carryout a forensic test on it, they will see that I didn't use it on her," he said.

Okwuoma confessed that the deceased was the fifth person he has drugged even as he stated that other victims did not die.

"I have done it four times before her but none of the girls died. I sleep with them and after they take the drink, they will loss memory of everything that happened to them.

"I am not happy about what happened because I didn't bargain to kill her. It is unfortunate and the work of the devil," Okwuoma said.

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